“The Descendant” by Kelley Grealis

04 Jan

December 15th -29th, 2012
— This book was the third book club selection and my first paranormal choice for the events. This author was a fun co-host to work with and the participants enjoyed picking her brain about her characters as much as I did. —

‘The Descendant’ is a unique paranormal tale that takes a well known biblical theme and turns it sideways, resulting in a thoughtful, well written story of one woman’s discovery of a family legacy that changes both her perception of her past, and her expectations of her future.

Allison is a woman frustrated by things she cannot explain. She has a good job, but feels she will never get ahead. She has a good man, but feels she is failing him because she cannot conceive. She has a good life, but she yearns for something she cannot express. Compounding these feelings is an illness she has been battling for years, but can find no relief for.

The action begins when Allison wakes in a hospital, uninjured, but confused. From the moment she opens her eyes, she is confronted with yet more things she cannot explain. Where is her husband? Why can’t she remember where he went? Who is this mysterious man she is supposedly dating? And the biggest question of all – why does she no longer feel so ill?

Over the course of the story, Allison is confronted with truths she cannot digest and discoveries that make her rethink everything she once believed real. Her faith in those she comes to trust is broken, and she finds unexpected allies in those she least expected to be there for her. She is drawn into a world she does not welcome, learns truths that hurt, and discovers a core of strength she did not know she had. She also learns that her parents had not lied to her when she was a child – she is indeed special. More than she had ever imagined.

Kelley Grealis writing style is subtle and background detail driven, making for a book full of three dimensional characters that you come to have a love/hate relationship with, and a plot that builds steadily towards a climax that surprises you. By the end of the book, you find yourself confident in Allison’s strength and cheering her on in her new life, hoping that she will succeed in her mission of learning the truth and seeking revenge for what was stolen from her.

I enjoyed this book very much. I found the new twist on vamp origins to be detailed, well thought out, and very engaging. So much so, I caught myself thinking about the old bible stories and saying ‘hmmmm’.

© G.A. Siguenza 
December 2012
All rights reserved

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2 responses to ““The Descendant” by Kelley Grealis

  1. Kelley Grealis

    January 4, 2013 at 12:42 pm

    Just want to thank you again for including my book as part of your Indie Love Book Club. I had a great time connecting with new readers and re-connecting with others I already knew. I had so much fun. This is really a great thing you are doing to help connect readers and authors! Keep up the great work!

  2. eBook Lovers Co-Op

    January 13, 2013 at 7:31 pm

    You are very welcome Kelley – it was a blast and I'm looking forward to more of your work 🙂


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