“Ruby Blue” by Julie Cassar

04 Jan

January 1st -14th, 2013
— This book is the fourth book club selection and is book one in a YA/Paranormal series. It’s the first time I’ve chosen a book that is not a debut novel for the events, and it was chosen to generate some renewed awareness of the series. The author is a terrific lady who is a ton of fun to host with. Her lively personality and humor have kept the group laughing, and some of her existing fan base has joined the event, which has encouraged the new readers of her book to participate. —

Ruby Blue’ is an average 17 year old, with an average life, and average friends. She likes to do things she calls dorky, like gardening, and would happily live on ice cream and choco-poof cereals if given the chance. What is not so average about Ruby is that she can see faeries.

This story opens with a smile as it introduces you to Ruby and her life, her “pain in the ass” younger brother, her best friend (the only “goth gay kid in town”), and her two best friends – who happen to be faeries. In no time at all, Ruby’s ordinary life goes from ho-hum to holy smokes as a series of events draw Ruby and her friends into an urgent mission to find a creature that has escaped Fey.

Armed with a backpack full of gardening tools, two faeries, and a skittish best friend, Ruby and her crew set off to not only find the creature, but to capture it alive so it may be returned to Fey. What ensues during their mission to discover the creature, subdue it, and survive the encounter is guaranteed to have you turning pages and laughing out loud occasionally.

Julie Cassar’s writing is sneaky, as she weaves a tail of supposed ordinariness to make you think all is well, then slaps you upside the head with the mystical in such a way that you not only sit up and notice, you say “thank you, may I have another?”

The answer to that question is: Yes, you may, in book two! (grin)

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January 2013
All rights reserved
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