“Haunted Moon” by KB Miller

06 Jan

January 5th, 2013
— This is a novella, so it was a quick read, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. —

Haunted Moon is a short but entertaining read set in mid-twentieth century Ireland. It is the tale of a young witch coming face to face with the legacy of her family history, the reality of her present, and the duties of her future.

‘Leeny Moon takes pride in her lineage and has long dreamed of the day she will pass her initiation and become a full-fledged member of their coven. She comes from a very long line of very powerful witches sworn with the responsibility of protecting humanity. As a young woman on the cusp of taking her initiation, she is excited and eager to begin her real training.

That is, until the day she is confronted with the harsh reality of what being a witch will require of her. This new knowledge changes her perspective on many things, from how she sees her family, to how she views her future, and she is left feeling confused and shaken. When events take a dangerous turn, ‘Leeny is forced to make a decision between her still immature sense of right and wrong, and her responsibility as a witch of the Moon Coven line.

K.B. Miller has written a richly descriptive, fast paced novella that whets your appetite for a much longer story. I was very quickly engaged with the characters and, in no time at all, invested in them. As it was not a full novel, just a novella, the pace was fast, and the deeper details few, but it was just enough to tease you and make you want more. I very much enjoyed this story and was disappointed when I turned the page and realized the story was done. I would definitely recommend it to those who enjoy witchy tales.

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January 2013
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