“Waterdancer” by Samantha Combs

08 Jan

January 7th, 2012
— I was offered an opportunity to read this book by the author, Samantha Combs, and was asked to provide a review. I’m very happy I took the opportunity, as I would not otherwise have had the pleasure of reading this book. —

‘Waterdancer’ is the entertaining tale of Bailey Wasserman, a high school freshman, whose impending sixteenth birthday changes from a normal teenage milestone into a series of eye opening revelations that change her life forever.

Having moved from the home she grew up in, to the sand and sun of Del Mar, Bailey Wasserman is feeling out of place everywhere she goes. She feels she has lost the close connection she once had with her mother, that her stepfather resents her presence, and that her pale, non-surfer self will be as alien as a duck in the swan pool at her new school.

All that changes when she meets a yummy surfer-boy named Jack, who clearly indicates his attraction to her, and offers to teach her to surf. Life seems peachy to Bailey as she enjoys her first real crush and discovers the joys of riding the curl, until her mother reveals a disturbing truth about her father and why he left. To make matters worse, the dad she has never met re-enters the picture bearing a talking turtle and the news that her sixteenth birthday might very well mean the end of her life as she knows it.

While Bailey juggles trying wrap her brain around a potentially salty future and races against the clock to do what it takes to avoid it, she comes to see her mother through new eyes, reaches an unexpected understanding of her stepfather, and learns that a father’s love is sometimes greater than it appears.

Samantha Combs’ writing is laced with humor and heart, and her characters are people you want to like. She successfully captures the teen experience, with all its exuberance and insecurity, without being melodramatic and overdone. I found the story fun and entertaining, and think anyone who picks it up will enjoy it.

© G.A. Siguenza
January 2013
All rights reserved
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