“Deja Blue” by Julie Cassar

05 Feb

February 4th, 2013
Deja Blue
— This is the second book in the Ruby Blue series, and after having thoroughly enjoyed the first (Ruby Blue), I could not resist reading the second. —


Deja Blue is the second installment in the adventures of the perky heroine, Ruby Blue, and it is just as chock full of humor, action, and Ruby-style disasters as the first book.

The adventure continues with Ruby and her cohorts enjoying a lovely summer before beginning her senior year of high school. After having battled dragons and risking much beloved sneakers in the first book, she finds herself recuperating at the lake with her best friends and her new boyfriend, Mr. Hotness. Unfortunately for Ruby, her lovely summer takes an unwanted turn towards the bizarre when one summer day’s swim leads to meeting her first Mermaid and discovering yet another new skill gifted to her by that blasted dragon she accidentally slayed.

Over the course of the story, Ruby is confronted with angry trolls who want to use her for target practice, disturbing news about her link to the Fey realm, and is unwittingly drawn into a battle for true love which forces her to test her own limits. In true Ruby form, our heroine races against the clock to help two lovers find eternal happiness, while doing her best to stay alive.

This second issue from Julie Cassar is, in my opinion, even better than the first. I found the characters to have more depth and the story to have more complexity, which pushed the book close to the edge of no longer being a YA novel, but more a NA novel. I did not expect to find myself hooked on the Ruby Blue series, but much to my surprise, I am. I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good, action packed adventure.

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