“Dark Light” by S.L. Jennings

02 Mar

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March 1st, 2013
— Dark Light was the Indie Love Book Club selected read in early February and I welcomed the opportunity to read the book, having heard much about it from some of the author’s fans. —

Gabriella’s life to date has been mediocre for the most part, and she has always considered herself unexceptional. As her 21st birthday approaches, however, her previously ho-hum existence turned out to be purposely contrived when the truth about her parents, her legacy, and her very humanity are presented to her. Gabriella’s life is further complicated by the added disclosure of her unique role in an otherworldly struggle that requires she make a critical choice about where her allegiance will fall – all before her rapidly approaching 21st birthday.

In an attempt to take her mind off her impending decision, Gabby decides a night out with her best friends, Morgan and Jared (who she has crushed on since her teens) is in order. When she meets a magnetic stranger named Dorian, her life takes an unexpected turn into mysterious and secretive waters she in ill equipped to navigate.

Over the course of the story, Gabby’s life becomes an intense emotional ride as she tries to sort out who she is, what she will become, and where she ultimately wants to stand. While juggling a growing pile of secrets she must keep from those she cares for, she begins to dig for answers, only to have each new bit of info further her suspicions rather than soothing them. When the alluring woman who claims to have a past with Dorian sets her sites on Jared, Gabby’s emotions are stretched thin as she is torn between her long-held feelings for Jared and her inexplicable connect with Dorian. When secrets, lust, magic, and love all come crashing together, Gabby is left with a shocking revelation that leaves her stunned and no longer sure who she can trust.

S.L. Jennings has written a twisting tale, full of sex, magic, and intrigue. The story line is attention grabbing, and makes you want to keep going to see where it leads. The book is chock full of seriously steamy sex scenes, some with a hard edge to them, so if you’re squeamish about such things, this may not be the book for you. If you enjoy some serious lust with a touch of intrigue, however, then by all means go for it, you’re sure to enjoy it.

The writing is solid, the characters are engaging, and the world the author has created is interesting, with plenty of mystery left to unveil in book two. I enjoyed the story and will read the second book to see where it goes. On a more personal note, I would have loved to have seen more energy devoted to the mystery, rather than the sexual chemistry between Gabriella and Dorian. I tend to be someone who after the second sex scene, skims any I encounter in future, less interested in reading that than I am in getting to the meat of the story. But that’s just me – the suspense/mystery lover at heart 🙂

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